Air Cargo Services

Xtreme Cold Storage

Cargo Screening, Buildup & Handling

Xtreme Cold Storage’s multi-temp facility is located strategically within a 200-meter access point onto Apron 8 to provide prompt air cargo services directly from our facility to the YQM Airport. Transport Canada granted XCS as a “Regulated Agent for Cargo Screening and Partners in Protection (PIP)” since 2017.

Xtreme Cold offers various Air Cargo services, such as:

Xtreme Cold Storage

Why Choose Us?

Save Time

Air Carriers give priority to pre-screened cargo at the airport. If the air carrier does not have to screen your shipment, this saves time. Also, carriers require an earlier lock-out / cut-off time for unscreened cargo. Avoid delays and get to the front of the line for loading, so your cargo does not get left behind. We provide quick turnaround, easy-in and out service. We understand your air freight is urgent.

Save Money

Eliminate air carrier screening charges. Xtreme Cold Storage is competitively priced against all air carrier screening and buildup fees. Reduce your surcharges with Xtreme.

Customized Service

Xtreme Cold Storage can configure, re-configure and buildup your shipments. We can start from a single carton and provide wrapped and banded skids; and for the Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport we provide ULD (Unit Load Device) pallet loading of any configuration.

If it’s not screened, it’s not flying!